Episode 99 Last time, we talked about relativistic time and its implications for faith in a theistic god. That conversation was... heady to say the le...View Details

Episode 98 This episode was originally recorded in early November and was set to be released at the end of December, but here we are at the end of Jan...View Details

Episode 97 Today we are joined by psychologist, pastor, professor, podcaster, and the most interesting person you will meet today, the Rev. Dr. Vikki ...View Details

Episode 96 We are beyond thrilled to welcome Dr Jennifer Wiseman to the podcast today. We talk about her faith journey as well as her work in astronom...View Details

Episode 95 As much of the US is caught in the grips of yet another wave of COVID-19 infections from the Delta variant, a new, sinister sounding mutati...View Details

Episode 93 In part 5 of our mental health miniseries, we're talking about what makes us who we are. If our brain is the center of our personalities an...View Details

Episode 93 In part 4 of our mental health miniseries, we talk about psychosis in general and schizophrenia in particular. Why does Hollywood continual...View Details

Episode 92 When is non-neurotypical behavior something to be 'cured', and when is it something to be celebrated? Is ASD a problem to be solved, or is ...View Details

Episode 91 In part 2 of our mental health miniseries, Ian leads us through an achingly vulnerable and well-research exploration of Anxiety. What is it...View Details

Episode 90 Welcome back to the podcast! After a brief break, we're back with new episodes to usher in our third year of podcasting.  We're getting sta...View Details

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