Episode 46(ish)

A major part of this miniseries on race and racism is our desire to elevate the work of others that we have found particularly helpful. Two weeks ago, Zack introduced us to the Color Correction podcast, and this week, Ian has picked an episode of the Ten Percent Happier Podcast entitled, "White People, Drop the Shame and Get Curious with Shelly Graf". Listen to Ian's explanation of why it had such a profound impact on him, and then click the link below to be magically transported to the episode. 



Next week, we are going Biblical as we get into the ways that scripture has been used to prop up injustice as well as to overcome it. We’re talking about Moses’ black wife, Paul’s passive aggressive letter to a slaveowner, Jesus’ casual racism, and why white folks love misquoting MLK. It should be fun! And challenging… and a little dangerous… riiiiiight in that sweet spot. 

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