Episode 45

As we begin our miniseries on race and racism in science and religion, we have to start with where we are as individuals and where we have been. It's so easy for us to teach this stuff academically while keeping our own shame and discomfort hidden away, but we're just going to lay it out there. The good, the bad, the painfully misguided, and the beautifully naive. It all weaves together into an open and honest dialogue about the world we inherited and the world we want to bestow. Join us on our Facebook group and tell us your story as well. 


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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis 


Scientists in Synagogues application due July 23 - https://sinaiandsynapses.org/scientists-in-synagogues/


Show Notes

What exactly are lederhosen? Wiki page and amazon costume

As compared to a dirndl? Wiki page and amazon costume [but let me just say that I also found many costumes with women wearing lederhosen too]

Bavaria is a region in now-Germany …. Here’s the wiki page and we should all go once pandemic is over, here’s an article for 10 reasons why.

A tiny touch of Ashkenazi Jewish mitochondrial dna, a genetics field still being tested; see this article

Are American Jews white? Two books, here (from 1998) and here (from 2008)

2020 US Census question on race/origin/nationality…

“Science” basis of race terms from 19th century, as explained by National Geographic article

“Social construct” dictionary definition and “race as” article from The Atlantic back in 2013

Bajau free deep dives and their spleen size article

Nepalese natives (aka Sherpas) and oxygen processing ability article

Definition of “whitewash” dictionary and application in history and K-12 curriculum

Implicit association quizzes, list found here

Ibram X Kendi, how to be anti-racist website (and press release of joining BU)

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