Episode 43

We've all done it, right? Especially during the pandemic. Our children are bored or unruly so we reach for the tablet, the gaming system, or the phone to give them something to do in the meantime. We talk about screens the way we talk about sugary cereal, but what does the research actually say? Are screens destroying our children or can they help create more empathetic, creative, and curious people than ever before? How can we use modern technology to enhance their (and our) lives? This episode is 100% judgement free and chock full of stories, studies, and suggestions to help us all be better stewards of the time we have. 


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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis 


Scientists in Synagogues application due July 23 - https://sinaiandsynapses.org/scientists-in-synagogues/


Show Notes

  • Tetris comeback: world championship here
  • An example of USB microscope, but there are many examples, here’s just one from Amazon
  • What is a crane fly? Learn here; or watch a video here
  • What’s the geology of Central Park? Design influence; scholarly article here; short article with some pics;
  • What are the generations? Here’s a great article from 2014 showing that there is no definitive date for any generation except Baby Boomers (but it makes Rachael feel better that she really is Gen X).
  • How people consume “TV” broken down by age, article here;
  • Apps
    • Peakfinder: Identify hills and mountains through AR: website
    • Rockd: Know what you’re looking at, like mountains: website
    • Star Chart Infinite, here is link to android and to apple
    • Sky Guide, website

Some articles on screen time (most address kid usage)

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