Episode 40

In part 3 of our miniseries, we are taking a look at the past, present, and future of education. Teachers are being forced online due to the pandemic, but will this fundamentally change how we educate children and adults? Are we educators too focused on our cherished memories of school that we are missing the new possibilities that technology offers us? Why are Zoom meetings so creepy and exhausting? Peeping Toms, prison structures, mispronouncing Descartes, and so much more with our special guest the Rev Dr Ruth Shaver!


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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis 


Scientists in Synagogues application due July 23 - https://sinaiandsynapses.org/scientists-in-synagogues/


Show Notes

PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc - https://www.pathwaystheological.org/

Wiki page for "panopticon" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panopticon

A comic to help explain Jean Paul Sartre on "The Look" - https://existentialcomics.com/comic/235


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