Episode 86

There is nothing more natural than sex. It is literally the reason why you exist! Yet despite that, we seem to have a really hard time talking about it. Our experiences with sex-ed are vastly dissimilar. Some of us learned about the biology and mechanics of sex in school while others learned of the moral horrors of "improper" sex in our religious settings. With such varied approaches and experiences with sex-ed, surely there are good ways to impart scientifically sound and spiritually uplifting lessons to our youth so that they can make healthy, informed decisions about their own bodies. How should we talk about sex? Who should be doing the talking? Is sex-ed just a clever ploy by the banana lobby to sell more bananas? Let's talk about it! 

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produced by Zack Jackson
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Show Notes

What is sex ed, from planned parenthood



List of resources for sex positivity: https://sexpositivefamilies.com/10-best-sex-ed-resources-for-families/


Sexuality from the UCC: 



Consent is yes means yes; video on making the analogy to serving hot tea



National Sexuality Education Standards



Religious Institute: it is ideal for exploring our understanding of gender, sexuality, reproductive justice



ObGyn: Is Science Anti-Transgender?

18min video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEhis4L4ohY 


Male and female are binary, but people aren't | Riley J. Dennis

18min video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2MEFj8q6rg 


Sex ed and sexual minorities (not cis/het)



Legislature issues:


The basics is that trans kids are being attacked by the government in a pretty atrocious way. The FL law that allows coaches to look at a child's genitals if they suspect they might be trans, for example, is one of the more disgusting acts... And could easily mean an increase in sexual assault of kids, cis and trans, but goodness me if we get a trans girl who likes soccer!

At any rate, some of these bills are related to education and some aren't. That they're all out there also just speaks to the message that kids, who already often don't live through adolescence, are being given about their gender by the government and our society for allowing it to happen.


HPV (what is it/vaccine)



Initiative to reduce teen pregnancy



How we’re failing our students:



Sex ed around the world:



Sex ed in EU compared to US


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