December 4, 2019 Evolution Part 4 feat. Michael Zimmerman (We Don’t Need No Education)

Episode 18

Dr Michael Zimmerman sits down with us to discuss some of the work he has been doing around religion and evolution for the past several decades as we look at some of the cases being decided today. how do we reclaim the authority of experts? Can/should we teach some form of intelligent design in public schools? What is at stake in this discussion?

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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis


Show Notes                 

Clergy letter project, founded by Michael Zimmerman 


Court Cases / Board of Education rules

1981 Arkansas: McLean vs. Board of Education 

2004 Wisconsin, Grantsburg 

2005 Pennsylvania, Dover vs Kitzmiller  [teaching intelligent design as alternative] 

1987 Louisiana; Edwards v. Aguillard [do not have to teach creationism in parallel to evolution] 

2008 Louisiana; “Science education act” 

2019 Ohio Science bill 

Various states/years 



Stephen Jay Gould 

Intelligent Design  [pro] [against] 

Irreducible Complexity [pro] [against] [against] [invoking the flagellum]

God of the gaps 

Ship of Theseus