November 27, 2019 Evolution Part 3 (In the Beginning)

Episode 17

Does accepting evolution mean that you can no longer believe in a personal God who is involved with the world? Are there ways to read evolution into the Bible? Did God really create everything? How do we even begin to have these conversations?


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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis


Show Notes:


[Ian] The Dark Knight : 

[Zack] Toy Story 2 : 

[Adam] Star Trek Wrath of Khan:

[Kendra] Lion King 2 simba’s pride :

[Rachael; broke the rules again] Raiders of the Ark : 



Spectrum of creationists: 

Young Earth [pro] [someone’s personal account; anti]

Theistic evolution 

Day-age creation 

Gap creationism

Teleology   [definition] [article describing various needs in the 

teleological argument for the existence of God]

Divine actions [definition]

Ken Ham [in support of his ideologies] 



St. Agustine stealing pears 

Luther quote of adam sinning 

Story from Book of Joshua (sun held in sky) [Joshua 10:12 quote] [was it really an eclipse?]

Talmud matchmaking [Quote from Genesis midrash, 68:4]