November 13, 2019 Evolution Part 1 (The Dogs They Are a-Changin’)

Episode 15

As we begin our first evolution miniseries, our hosts take some time to discuss why this topic has become so central to the "religion vs science" conflict and why it matters to us. How do we reconcile a sovereign God with the randomness of natural selection? Can we find meaning through science or only facts? Who ever thought that breeding pugs was a good idea?

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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis


Show Notes

Favorite fruits


Watermelon [and how they’ve changed in the last few centuries] /2015/7/28/9050469/watermelon-breeding-paintings 

Banana [other fruits talked about too] 

Threat to the cavendish: 

Strawberries [a brief history] 



Labradoodle Regrets: 

French Bulldog insemination [pro-Frenchie site] [biased against them]

Pugs [Note the medical issues associated with them]


Theistic evolution 


In-depth philosophy article 

General definitions 


An explanation and experience: