Welcome to episode 1 of the Down the Wormhole Podcast. Before we dive into all of the fun topics in science and religion that we can't wait to talk about, we thought it would be a good idea to lay the foundations of our work. The five of us come from different religious traditions and have varied scientific/theological training, so we want to be clear up front about who we are, how we are doing this work, and why we care so much.

What has been your experience with organized religion? What role has doubt played in your faith? What is the difference between religion and spirituality? What is sacred? What is profane? Does that even matter? What relevance does religion even have anymore? Does losing your faith mean losing your religion? 

Ian, Rachael, Zack, Kendra, and Adam will get this conversation started, but if you'd like to join the conversation, then find us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at [email protected] 

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The "first century trashy romance novel" that Zack referred to is called Callirhoe: Love Story in Syracuse by Chariton. It's a great beach read. Everyone will think you're super intellectual for reading a 2,000 year old book, and they'll have no idea it's really about sex, pirates, treasure, and violence! Purchase a copy from our Amazon link to give a little bit back to the show.



Thanks to our hosts Ian Binns, Rachael Jackson, Zack Jackson, Kendra Holt-Moore, and Adam Pryor

This episode was produced by Zack Jackson with music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis 


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