November 4, 2020 Elevating the Discourse with Kristel Clayville (Ethicist and Chaplain)

Episode 62

In part 5 of our Sinai and Synapses interview series, we are talking with the Rev Dr Kristel Clayville. She is the former Acting Director of the Zygon Center for Religion and Science at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago as well as a Senior Fellow at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago. Clinically, she works as a chaplain and ethicist at the University of Chicago Medical Center, and focuses on the existential and spiritual issues facing organ transplant patients. Her early research was on the uses of the Hebrew Bible in environmental ethics, but more recently, she has turned toward the intersection between environmental ethics and bioethics to study the green burial movement and organ donation. Welcome to the podcast, the Rev Dr Kristel Clayville.


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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis