Part 2 of our conflict series asks the important questions like, "Who has the authority over truth?" "Is science truth or just consensus?" "Where can I binge watch the classic 90's cartoon, Street Sharks?"

These and many more questions lie just down the wormhole...

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Produced by Zack Jackson
Music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis

PS - Zack's audio did not record properly, so we had to use the backup recording which is why it sounds so bad compared to the others. 

Show Notes:

Street Sharks and the problem with history:

The definitive guide to the Denver Airport conspiracy:

Hawaii Telescope Project, Long Disputed, Will Begin Construction:

The Oven of Akhnai:

Thomas Paine's Bordentown NJ house which is now a dentist:

Note from Zack: After editing the past few episodes, I realized that I've mentioned Thomas Paine at least five or six thousand times. This is because I just finished a massive biography on him, and have had no one to process it with. I do apologize and will henceforth make every effort to diversify my 18th/19th century pop culture references in future episodes. I will leave you with this gem from the October 1783 edition of The Onion...

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