March 11, 2020 Climate Connections Part 5 (The Cesspool of Sin)

Episode 29

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach and the warm sand between your toes? Have you ever wondered where that sand comes from and if someone has a plan to stop the ocean from taking it back? How are coastal cities preparing for the inevitable sea-level rise, and why should we who don't live anywhere near the ocean care? 

In the final installment of our Climate Connections series, Ian takes us for a long walk on the beach as we discuss climate refugees, sand mining, effective storytelling, and whether there is room for hope in the coming years. 

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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis 

Show Notes 

Lots of articles!

      1. Articles about impact of sea level rise
        2. Smithsonian Sea Level Rise explanation:
      2. Resources for seeing projections 
        1. Surging Seas (affiliated with Climate Central):
        2. Surging Seas Risk Finder:
        3. Surging Seas Map options:
        4. NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer: 
      3. Articles about NC (both address 2012 sea level rise debacle)
        2. Background on sea level rise debacle from 2012:
      4. Article about Boston (from 2/19/2020) 


Stephen Colbert clip: 

Shishmaref, AK :  and 

More on the United Fruit Company and the US Government crushing Central America



Amitav Ghosh “The Great Derangement” :

 Kim Stanley Robinson "New York 2140" :