March 4, 2020 Climate Connections Part 4 (Apocalypse Eventually)

Episode 28

Do religious beliefs affect attitudes about climate change? Are people who believe we are in the "End Times" less likely to care about long term environmental impacts? What do the polling numbers indicate? The results might surprise you!

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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis 


Show Notes

Lots of articles to read!

      1. Pew Stats from 2015:
      2. Religious Statements on Climate Change:
      3. Pew Stats on Catholic Division: 
      4. Katharine Hayhoe:
      5. Pew Stats from 2010:


“Left Behind” series :  ; 

7 Dispensations : 

Ozone layer hole :  [and a small bit of history : ]


Judges are more impartial after a meal : 

Dear Hank and John podcast :

Peacock ore (aka Bornite) and as a crystal : 


Y2K and apocalypse : 

[From a believer in the immediate coming rapture : ]


Ezekiel 38

Hebrew and English: 

As proof of apocalypse :