November 6, 2019 Church and State Part 5 (Give Satan a Chance)

Episode 14

In this episode, our hosts take you on a tour of the bizarre and often misunderstood world of the Satanic Temple and their efforts to fight for religious freedom. What role do satirical religions play in our modern world, and should they be treated like traditional religions? Can we create an organization for secular humanists that has the benefits of religion without a deity?

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produced by Zack Jackson
music by Zack Jackson and Barton Willis


Show Notes:

Our opening question about our favorite tricksters:

Ian: Loki: 

Rachael: Loki and Puck: analysis of Puck 

Zack: Benjamin Linus from Lost : 

Adam: Dolos [I don’t love using wiki, but I just couldn’t find anything meaningful elsewhere] 

Kendra: Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer 


The Satanic Temple 


It’s not the Church of Satan: 


Article on the documentary, Hail Satan?,  produced this year 


[if you want another article, explaining the documentary director idea that highlights what we spoke about regarding community and the search for meaning] 


List of approved religions in the American military: you will notice neither Pastafarian nor The Satanic Temple are listed.There are over 210 religious affiliations listed as of 2017. 


Durkheim and religion 


Durkheim and philosophy as religion (slightly different take than the above citation) 


Mircea Eliade and religion 

[or from britannica, but I found this explanation to a bit more dense] 


Is Buddhism a religion? 


John Oliver and debt collecting